Activity Week 2017

Activity Week 2017

From 10th - 14th July 2017, Activity Week took place at ISTwente secondary, and what a week it was: from a fun sports day spent at het Rutbeek, to various educational workshops at school!

You can read about the full day to day programme below, and several pictures can be found in our Photo Gallery. For more pictures, please visit our Facebook page where you can find the Activity Week 2017 photo album.

Monday 10th July

Activity Week started out with the Lichen project on Monday morning, led by Mr. Veldhuis and Mr. Diekmann. After receiving the necessary material and instructions, the students headed out into the neighborhood towards a cycling path with oak trees. Here they were given the task to find a tree with their group and measure several lichen and take samples as well. Back in the classroom, the students were given the task to make a poster of the assignment.

In the afternoon, there were two workshops: photography and art. The photography workshop, led by Ms. Boers, focused on taking pictures ‘old fashion’ style and developing them in the dark room. Several doors down the corridor, other students were learning how to paint on wooden pallets. They started out sketching their designs on the pallet after which the painting began. The paintings will be put on display during the Reports & Awards ceremony on Thursday the 20th July.

Tuesday 11th July

Tuesday was sports day at het Rutbeek, a woody recreational area with a lake, several beaches and sunbathing areas as well a playgrounds. In the morning, the students were split up into six groups and went on a treasure hunt. All were pointed in a different direction and performed several assignments in a different order; from building sandcastles on the beach, to ‘beschuit fluiten’.

After a delicious lunch break, and a nice swim in the lake, the students went on a forest adventure. Three different groups took a challenging trail through the forest, climbing through tubes, balancing on ropes, climbing walls and swinging from trees. A true team effort which was taken to the next level at the waterside where the students built their own raft!

Wednesday 12th July

On Wednesday various workshops took place. In the morning, Ms. Nirali - who works at ISTwente primary -  came over to secondary to give a workshop in Indian Classical Dance. The students practised their moves and by the end of the morning were ready for their own Bollywood movie!

In another part of the building something else was going on: the Aeroplane Project. During this workshop, led by Mr. Cleine and Ms. Boers, the students were split up into four groups and were given instructions to build their own lightweight indoor model airplane. Students from year 10, who had already had some practice in building these models, tutored the other students. The workshop lasted until the afternoon and the students also got to test their indoor plane models.

Thursday 13th July

Thursday was all about cleaning up! In the morning the students came in with their books which they handed in and then packed in boxes for next school year. In the afternoon, the students focused on Sustainability. After a short presentation on the importance of keeping the earth clean, five groups set out to collect garbage in the surrounding neighborhoods. Once returned, the collected garbage of each group was weighed and prizes were handed out to the third, second and first place winners.

Friday 14th July

Friday morning was filled with three different workshops, amongst which djembé and rap. During the djembé workshop, led by Ms. Muiser, students learned how to keep a beat on this skin-covered goblet drum which originates from West-Africa. The rap workshop was led by Mr. Lulof who is quite the rapper himself. Students were asked to write their own personal lyrics and practise them on the beat. Several students were brave enough to perform their lyrics in front of their classmates. Other students took (another) go at old style photography!

In the afternoon, Activity Week was concluded with karaoke and treats. The students were split up into several groups and each group choose several songs to sing in a different language: French, German, Spanish, Dutch or English.