CAS….. is short for Creativity, Activity and Service. It is one of the core subjects in the Diploma program. The three core subjects (Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge are the other two) connect the subjects in the curriculum. Since all students in DP are required to take the core subjects, we feel we need to introduce them into the school in the earlier years as well.

Our first pilot took place in year 10/11: they helped to clear part of the Aamsveen of trees that were in the way of a healthy tree frog habitat. Afterwards the students reflected:

…The experience has changed me to be more aware of ways to help the environment.

…the reason why this is a challenge was that I hate spiders and I dealt with this by ignoring them, to focus on the task and having fun!

…Working together builds team support. 

..I’ve always thought that cutting down trees was harmful to the environment, but I never realized it may also be good for the frogs.