IB DP Course in Barcelona

IB DP Course in Barcelona

From 29th September to 1st October 2017, several of our new secondary teachers - Tom Hilgerink, Iris de la Combe and Patrick Diepenbroek - traveled to Barcelona in order to attend an IB DP course. The three teachers enrolled in the same 'IB part 1'-course, but only attended the workshops of their own subject. Iris explains: "Tom and I both teach Chemistry and Patrick teaches Physics and there were many more workshops available. The focus of all the workshops was different so we experienced different things."

The days were packed with much information and activities, but with due result. Patrick says: "This 'crash course' has enabled me to identify which areas of the teaching and learning process are the many foci of the IB programme. It has been reconfirmed that 'experimenting using digital tools' is at the core of the programme which is exciting and at the same time very challenging - not only for the pupils but also for us teacher and technicians!"

Tom and Iris focussed more on how to teach difficult concepts through, for example, fun experiments, or other activities. Another significant part of the course was about marking IAs and EEs. Tom says: "Besides the wealth of information we received, the course was also useful to me because of the interaction with the other teachers. I've been able to talk about certain difficulties I face, and some of the teachers there really helped me out. It was an overall positive experience for me."

From 5th - 8th October, two of our other staff members faced the stormy winds at Schiphol and also set out for Barcelona to follow their IB DP Course. Mary King, our teacher English as a Second Language, followed the course for School supported self-taught Language A students and says: "It was wonderful, not just because it was hosted in a beautiful city, but mostly because of the chance to learn, and for the opportunity to meet teachers from other schools in Europe and hear their perspectives about how we can use best practices to enable our students academically."

Diana Redmeijer, our Dutch teacher who attended the IB DP Course together with Mary, agrees, and says: "It was very nice and useful to meet colleagues who teach the same subject. We had the opportunity to exchange experiences and keep in touch so that we can assist eachother in developing lesson programmes and provide feedback." 

Early next year there will be a meeting for Dutch teachers in Brussels!