Interview with two of our graduates


Interview with Sophie and Antoine

This school year is almost at an end, and with it another milepost in the history of ISTwente. Graduates Sophie Tent and Antoine Weersink were among the first students to apply for ISTwente secondary in 2011, and to have run the entire educational programme. To celebrate this accomplishment, we interviewed them both.

Tell us a bit about your background?

Sophie: My parents are both Dutch, but I was born in Germany, in Brühl. We also lived in Dresden, in Arnhem, Den Haag, and in the United States. About five years ago we relocated to Enschede

Antoine: I was born and raised in Enschede. My father is Dutch and my mother is French

How many languages do you speak?

Sophie: Three languages, Dutch, German and English.

Antoine: I am also trilingual and speak Dutch, English and French.

When did you enrol at ISTwente?

Sophie: About five years ago, when we relocated to the Netherlands. When I was a young girl, I attended a German preschool and an English elementary school and so for me it was only natural to go to an international high school. Since we were living in Enschede, ISTwente was the most logical choice.

Antoine: When I was young, my parents had plans to maybe move to France and so I was enrolled at ISTwente primary Prinseschool. Although my parents never moved to France, I continued my international education at ISTwente, finishing both primary and now secondary school.

What was ISTwente like in your first year?

Sophie: I was the very first student to apply for admission at ISTwente secondary in 2011. We started out with one class of approximately 7 - 10 students.

What subjects did you take?

Sophie: I took AS and A levels in English, Global Perspectives and Business, and AS levels in Math and Economics.

Antoine: I took AS and A levels in Math, Physics and Biology and IGCSE's in English both as a first and second language.

What are your plans now that you have graduated?

Sophie: I would like to work for a large, multinational company, and have the possibility to move abroad. Economics and Business was my favourite subject at school, and I will be studying Economics and Business Economics at the University of Utrecht. In the summer vacation, I will also be taking a half day Masterclass in Human Rights and Business

Antoine: Physics was my favourite subject, and so I will be studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente and following in my father's footsteps. I also hope to obtain my PhD afterwards.

We wish Sophie and Antoine the best of luck with their future studies and endeavours and hope they will keep in touch!