ISTwente is a recognised English Language Examination Centre


ISTwente is recognised as an English Language Examination Centre

The majority of the students at ISTwente are non-native English speakers, many of whom come to the school in need of English as an Additional Language (EAL) support. These students participate in a comprehensive English language support programme to help them succeed academically and socially at ISTwente while striving to respect the integrity of each student's cultural identity. As an EAL student gains more mastery in English, he or she will take the Anglia Examination to assess the competency in English.

In April 2017, our Primary and Preliminary (A1) level EAL students acquired enough mastery in English to take the Anglia examinations. The Anglia Exams measure all four skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading. This June, our EAL teacher Mrs. Dounia Kuck got the outstanding test results back. For our students, this implies that they are receiving the best possible support in learning English and becoming confident speakers and more independent of EAL support services.

Every EAL learner receives a detailed progress report describing their level of attainment and monitoring their progress. Furthermore, the progress reports help teachers and parents understand where an individual's strengths and weaknesses are. In addition, each A1 level EAL student is provided with an Anglia certificate proving their English level according to the Common European Framework.

Thanks to our EAL programme’s commitment to excellence in the English language support, ISTwente has been recognised as an English Language Examination Center by Anglia Network Europe.