Musical Night


Musical Night

Practicing lines, getting costumes ready, sound testing, creating decors.... After weeks of preparation, Musical Night finally arrived on 22nd June 2017 at our primary location! The evening started around 17.15 with the first performers arriving to get dressed for the first play: The Little Hoods, starring IST A and IST B. 

After performing for an hour, the Little Hoods who reenacted the story of Little Red Riding Hood, received a standing ovation, followed shortly by a short intermission. The next exciting performance,The Tempest performed by IST C and IST D, starred kings, fairies, evil wizards, and cast aways, all with their own agendas.

The decor, costumes, sound effects, music and of course the children and the audience were all wonderful and we look back on a great evening. A special thanks to all the parents, teachers, and other volunteers that made this great evening happen! For several pictures of Musical Night, please visit the Photo Gallery on our website or our Facebook page.


In view of the success of Musical Night, there will be an encore just for the primary students, which will take place on Tuesday the 27th June 2017.