New phase for ISTwente


On Monday, 6 March, the boards of Stichting Consent and Stichting Het Stedelijk Lyceum signed a covenant to jointly continue to develop International School Twente. In the realization of this important agreement, the Alderman of Education Eelco Eerenberg and Stichting Internationaal Onderwijs Twente, in which companies and organisations are represented, played an important role. Marcel Poppink, chair of the Board of Stichting Consent: “ISTwente is of undeniable importance for the future of Twente as an international top region. There is also a major role for the international school in the realization of this ambition.” Although ISTwente was established several years ago and is developing fast, the signing of the covenant represents a milestone in the administrative organisation of the international school.

One high-quality and cohesive facility for international education, with a major attraction for families that temporarily live and work in Twente, the Achterhoek and the neighbouring region of Germany, is the ambition of ISTwente. Expats often make their choice for working with a company in the Enschede region on the basis of the presence of an international school that prepares students for the continuation of their education in or outside The Netherlands. With this, the school provides a strong impulse to support the international settling climate of Twente.

This is what Marcel Poppink, chair of the Board of Stichting Consent, emphasised this morning during the signing of the covenant. “We are entering a new phase. We have a strong ambition and feel ourselves responsible to guarantee its realisation. We have made many preparatory steps in 2016 and have been able to welcome new international students. The number of expats has been increasing for several years and the prognosis for this year is promising. We have every confidence that we, together with our partners, SIOT, Netwerkstad Twente and the city of Enschede, will be able to put ISTwente on the map and to contribute in this way to an attractive international climate for settling.”

International School Twente offers internationally-recognised programmes for primary and secondary education.  The Primary School is linked to the Prinseschool of Stichting Consent and the Secondary School to Stichting Het Stedelijk Lyceum.