The Rocking Romans - July 2018

09-07-2018 Plays Rocking Romans

Rocking Romans

From the decor to the lights, from the narrative to acting, the students of the C and D classes shone like real Roman and British stars on the podium telling the audience how Britains and the poor Romans came and lived together.

An enthuiastic student who was in charge of the light said "sometimes I followed scripts, sometimes I just had fun, specially when the songs were sung." The RGB-fade was amazing! ". And she is right, the light effects were fabulously done, and so were the sound effects. The props were right on the spot, "They did not see me, but I had to put the props into the right places". And the props looked radiant! All props and costumes were made by students and parents.

Students fulfilled various roles during the play. One student's favorite part was when he was a physician, telling the Emperor he only had a few days to live. He said "I have good news, in a few days you'll be a god!".

The play was part of the IPC class, learning about society and culture, ideas and beliefs, and characteristic features of the Roman Empire. Latin words and terms like myth, conquerer, forum, basilica, invade, barbarian and arch are now part of the student's daily vocabulary.


The Romans are rocking!