Students launch their own webshop


Students from group 8 of De Prinseschool primary school and students of ISTwente built their own webshop. On Friday morning 3 March, the Alderman of Education launched the webshop by activating a Rube Goldbergmachine, which the students had also built from recycled material.

The students who built the webshop are very proud of their achievement. “I am very happy that the webshop has been launched and I can’t wait for the first order to come in,” says Ahmed during this morning’s happening. It was a real spectacle with a wonderful opening act. Eelco Eerenberg started the Rube Goldbergmachine with one push of a button. Eva-Mia: “It was very exciting. Whether it would work and whether the chain reaction would ensure that the webshop went live. Thank goodness, it did! That was a relief!.” This special moment was celebrated with scones, baked by ISTwente students, with whipped cream and special ‘champagne’ for children.

21st century skills and world citizenship
Astrid Dijkstra, director of Prinseschool and team leader of the Primary School of ISTwente: “It is a really great educational project that links to our core targets and educational bases. Students are learning 21st century skills; creative thinking, working together and how to promote things and realise sales. This is a good introduction to entrepreneurship.” Special is the co-operation between the Dutch and international school. Dijkstra: “Students profit enormously from this bilingual environment. In addition, it is a wonderful way to develop the feeling of world citizenship within our students.”

A good cause
As well as the technical realisation of the webshop, the students also maintain it. They set out the products available and the shipment of the orders. All products, that are online, have been made by students at the schools;  from baby socks, small chalkboards, vases and buntings, to pencil cases and telephone covers. Half of the proceeds go to a good cause. Dijkstra: “The students have chosen to donate part of the profits to Cliniclowns and the children’s fund MAMA. In addition, a small amount goes to the students to spend on something nice.”