Sustainable Energy Project

Sustainable Energy Project

Wednesday 14th March 2018, ISTwente Secondary kicked off with its first Sustainable Energy Project, which will focus on sustainable/nuclear energy sources. The opening of the project was a special happening as several members of the international student organisation AIESEC visited our school to introduce the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to our year 10 and IB DP 1 students.


The goal of the Sustainable Energy Project is to stimulate growth of awareness that a problem can be viewed from different perspectives, and that a societal problem comprises interlinked parties and interests.

The project will take approximately four weeks, and various subject-specific activities in class will centre on the theme of ‘sustainable/nuclear energy sources’. The goal is to create awareness amongst the students of the multidisciplinary nature and interrelatedness of individual subjects, and to look across ‘subject-borders’.


"Pitch Day" and trip to Gronau

Two important events will take place during the project, namely a "Pitch Day" on Friday 6th April 2018, and a trip to the Urenco enrichment facility in Gronau on Monday 9th April.  We look forward to four eventful weeks and will be posting news and photos on the website as well as social media, so stay tuned!