Thanksgiving at ISTwente 2017


Thanksgiving with year 9

Thursday 23rd of November was Thanksgiving Day, a national holiday in America and Canada. In light of this day, Ms. Mary King, our English as a Second Language teacher at ISTwente secondary, simulated a Thanksgiving dinner set-up in class for students in year 9.

The desks were abutted up to eachother to create a "dinner table" and one student was designated as the head of the table. To make it fun, class lesson activities changed about every 10 - 20 minutes. Starting with a quick write, students used their imagination about winning a million euros and then broke into groups to share their stories with each other.

Coming back to their "dinner table", students shared cookies and passed assignment papers much like dishes are passed around a Thanksgiving dinner. The assignments included a warm-up about happiness, to reading a short lesson on Thanksgiving dinner and how Americans and Canadians celebrate this day. The class moved on to a web search "How to draw a Turkey using your hand" and using the internet directions, they each drew their own turkey. 

After this, the class moved on to two more writing activities, including writing what they were Thankful for or Thankful about. They came up with some very thoughtful and innovative ideas! Another quick web search followed where students looked at the ingredients for three different Thanksgiving dishes.

By then, the cookies were all gone, and with the bell ringing, the students moved on and Ms. King went headed home to finish making dinner and celebrate Thanksgiving with her family.