The importance of eating real food


In order to attempt to reach a lasting change in students’ eating habits, ISTwente has joined up with the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution, that provides information on making healthy food choices and promotes active living conditions. Practical cooking lessons are an integral part of this programme.

Real food nourishes our body, while maintaining its natural integrity. It does not contain artificial ingredients, which are present in a lot of foodstuffs purchased from the supermarket.

According to research, eating real food helps reduce the risks of chronic diseases, as it contains balanced proportions of all food groups, like vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibres, carbohydrates and water. 

It also helps to improve students’ academic and physical performances. In combination with adequate physical training, it will help to prevent overweight which can influence the student’s emotional and cognitive well-being, which in turn has a negative effect on a student’s psychological and social development, often resulting in low self-esteem.

Such issues can create quite a burden, not only for students and parents, but also for the school and its teachers, who will have to deal with these issues. That is why schools should provide food education in their curricula, with parents participation at all levels.