Visit Scania truck factory


On Monday 23 January, a group of Business and Economics students visited the Scania factory in Zwolle. It started with a presentation about the history and current situation of Scania. Scania uses Lean Management. 

This means that everything is focused on minimizing waste: no waste of materials, time (no people waiting for their colleagues to finish something before they can start) nor energy. Their mechanics are encouraged to comment on and improve the production process.  

After the presentation, we got into a little train (fun!) and had a tour around the factory floor. We were able to see how they manage to build approximately 150 trucks per day, one is finished every 5 minutes and 11 (!) seconds, and all of them customized to the buyers' specifications. 

After the ride, there was an opportunity to ask some questions and to actually sit in a modern Scania truck. On the way back, students already had ideas for other company visits. They agreed that a visit to the Facebook headquarters in California would be a good plan…