Visit to Urenco

Visit to Urenco in Gronau

In conclusion of the Sustainable Energy Project at ISTwente Secondary, our year 10 and IB DP 1 students visited Urenco Deutschland - an enrichment facility in Gronau - on Monday 9th April 2018. The group was welcomed by Mr. Chris Breuer and Mr. Tony Smith who gave a presentation about the history of the company while the students and teachers enjoyed lunch.


The presentation dealt with topics such as the ‘Treaty of Almelo', as well as the science of enrichment, safety, and a global market. Students were able to ask questions and an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of nuclear energy took place.

After lunch, students and teachers experienced safety protocols first-hand as they had to go through security to enter the main site. They were taken on a tour of the plant and were able to see halls filled with centrifuges, the control room, and the storage of waste. After the tour, it was time to go home and both students and teachers thought Urenco was well-worth the visit, and a great way to end the Sustainable Energy Project.