Parent Didem about ISTwente

Didem Coskun is Toprak's mother and comes from Turkey. Toprak is currently in Primary class 3/4, The Penguins.

"When we moved to Enschede in August 2015, Toprak did not know any English. With the great help and patience of the teachers, he was happy to go to school from the first day even though he could not express himself well. He learned and became able to speak English in only five months which is marvellous. I am grateful to the teachers because they always ask for our comments to get feedback from us. I believe that with our comments and thoughts they want to ensure consistency in quality, or even better, to improve the quality! During the IPC accreditation process, we could see that the learning methods make the children excited about the topics which is a good sign, I think; to be curious about something so they can actively engage with the content, the subject. I like the values that are woven into the curriculum. The children accept the differences of various cultures in an international environment. And they are learning to show respect to everyone and every single creature in the world which we deeply need to have a peaceful world, I believe.

We, as parents on the other hand, could find a society where we easily fit in through things that were organised by International School Twente (ISTwente), such as coffee mornings, welcome barbecue, new year reception, spring picnic etc. ISTwente is playing a major role in our journey to create a new life in a completely different socio-cultural environment by supporting us in different aspects of daily life."