Twente Region

Twente Region

Twente is a wonderful green region with an exceptional bocage landscape. Art and culture are an important part of Twente’s story. When it comes to what Twente has to offer in this area, it can modestly compare itself to cities such as Amsterdam or Utrecht. With no less than 41 museums, 36 galleries and ateliers, 10 theatres and 14 cinemas Twente can be proud of its cultural heritage. With its 26.000 students and wide range of pubs, theatres and clubs Twente is a vibrant student region with Enschede as real lively student city.


Enschede is a great place to live. Living in Enschede means living in a exciting city, with a lot to offer in shopping, culture and sports. A spacious city with great landscapes and a city which is sparkling thanks to the diversity of their population. Enschede has also a great educational climate. We are proud to have the most entrepreneurial University of the Netherlands: University of Twente. This University delivered a lot of successful spin-off companies who are bringing solutions all over the globe. And with Mesa+ the University of Twente has one of the largest and leading nanotechnology research institutes in the world.

With the University but also with the presence of Saxion University of Applied Science and ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Enschede is a real student city.


  • City Park 'Volkspark'

  • City Park 'Volkspark'

  • Enschede North 'Roombeek'

  • Enschede West

  • Night view Enschede Centre

  • Nanolab - department of Twente University

  • Saxion Tulip Building

  • Stadium FC Twente 'De Grolsch Veste'

  • Train station Enschede

  • Twente University

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