International School Twente (ISTwente) is a ‘community’ school that connects the international and local communities. English is the main language, but the Dutch language and culture are also part of our curriculum. ISTwente works together with local organisations, from child care to cultural organisations and sports clubs.

ISTwente wants to become a meeting centre for the international community. A place where everyone feels welcome; students, parents, teachers and other staff, independent of nationality or background. This diversity is an opportunity to encourage international-mindedness and will stimulate connection, unity and involvement.

The ISTwente community has two aspects. The community of students, parents and staff, but also the community in the city and region, and the two are closely connected.

The school ethos encompasses the community spirit - we look after each other. Students are buddies for new arrivals. Together we ensure that everyone feels at home, no matter where they are from or what they believe. We can only be a successful community when everyone supports and respects this. We do not just believe everyone should be internationally-minded, we expect it!

The community around us is also important, and not only as a beautiful area with an interesting history and kind people. We have to ask ourselves how we can return the hospitality and financial support. The municipalities of Twente support us because they believe in an international future for this region.

Other Schools

Some initial contacts have been made with the Petra Primary school in Zimbabwe. We will try to build these into an intensive exchange of ideas between both schools and their individual students.