Practical information

Year calendar

Our year calendar contains a number of definite aims and important activities which are planned in advance by the school. However, the dates of activities which are organised together with external partners are set in collaboration with them. Parents will be informed when information is added to the calendar. 


The timetable will be published on the website, as soon as it is available at the beginning of the school year, as well as special timetables for test weeks and activity weeks, exchanges etc.

The regular timetable is made in collaboration with our parent school, Het Stedelijk Lyceum. We follow the lesson times and also share some of their teachers. Occasionally, during the school year, it may be necessary to change the timetable. In this case, the timetable on the website will be updated and you will be informed of the change.

The timetable will be available during the first week of the new school year!


Language policy: our mission and vision and practical approach to learning, teaching and using language at International School Twente (ISTwente) click here for ISTwente language policy

SEN policy: our mission and vision on making good education accessible to all students. The policy connects with the expertise available in our parent school. Click here for ISTwente SEN policy

Academic honesty policy: our mission and vision on teaching and protecting academic honesty as a school attitude to using material that is not our own. Click here for ISTwente academic honesty policy


Students’ Council

In 2014, one of the students, Chenghao Liu, founded the Students’ Council. The school has benefitted and is continuing to benefit greatly from the contribution and involvement of these students, as the role of the Council is increasing every year. For the school year 2016/17, Sophie Tent will be the chairperson. The council will be present at some of the team meetings, will help with the organisation of activities and exchanges and will set up a first mock UN program.

Parents Group

This school year should see a transfer from the parent sounding-board group to a more formal Parent/Teacher Association (PTA). We will be linking these activities to those of the national PTA of Dutch International Secondary Schools (DISS) in The Netherlands.

ISTwente has been very lucky in having parents who are involved with the school and will share their thoughts and ideas for improvements. The school would also not be able to organise activities without the practical help of this growing group of parents.